Hey love bugs! Time for another fierce fashion face-off or in this case body-off. When two bodacious starlets are spotted un the same outfit, its always a cause for comparison. So, without wasting anytime, lets head straight to the red carpet and resolve this fashion feud. Its time to find out who ROCKED IT BETTER.

The outfit in question is the Herve Lerger “Giselle” Novelty Essentials Jumpsuit, it retails at $1,590.00 and you can get it here
We all know Amber Rose, she needs no introduction and she was the first to sport the halter-neck bandage jumpsuit. At the 2016 Maxim Hot 100 Party in Las Vegas, the blondie showed of her new hair-do. She ditched her conventional blonde skin-cut and hit the red carpet sporting a fringe-bob cut and some gigantic cat-eye sunglasses. 

Amber needed no accessorizing, she has a hand full of tattoo’s on full display in this halter number, but, she still kept it minimal with a silver bling designed watch, a black choker to match her outfit and some large hoops. Sultry right? Well, lets check out our other look…
Thats one fully tatted arm right? Amber is a sex-symbol and is always and seen around looking and feeling sexy. She blew some kisses as she posed for pictures on the carpet.
Nicey Nash!!! The 42-year-old mother has come a long way from Cleaning Houses on the style network to being the most annoying cop on tv (if you watched Scream Queen’s you’d relate). Just yesterday, she attended the FOX Networks TCA Party sporting the same Herve Lerger Jumpsuit with Amber. 

Striking very fierce poses, the confident and sexy brunette (i feel weird calling her sexy, even though she is) sizzled on the ice-blue carpet. She kept her look toned-down and accessorized with a silver bracelet and her silver bling. Yeap she has a ring on it! and carried a small silver box clutch. 

Nicey Nash has been feeling herself lately lol. Why wouldn’t she though…she has dropped some major weight over the years and right now is really really hot and always ready to show off her new body.

Amber and Nicey are both hot ladies and we already know that, obviously! Still, we have to ask…Who Rocked the Herve Lerger Jumpsuit better?!!! Keep reading for my thoughts.

They are both HOT ladies and mothers! I’ve said that almost a million times already. This is not a new look for Amber she always gives us something to talk about or something to stare at on and off the red carpet. Nicey on the other hand has come a very long way from wearing frocks and gigantic rose-brooches to showing off her new banging body. Amber attended the Maxim party and i think her outfit was appropriate for the Vegas event, still i hate her wig lol, its not the best look on her and even her smart little son said wigs made her look like a monster so for me her look is a MISS. Nicey on the other hand was on the scene at her networks TCA party, she is an older woman and i think her outfit was a little extra (low tone voice), especially when her fellow attendees where twenty-somethings like Lea Michelle and Emma Roberts who covered up nicely (uhhmm hmm in Nicey’s voice). It is a great feeling when you shed some pounds and feel a lot sexier. Nicey clearly feels sexier i just dont think she looked appropriate for the event. I’ve seen Nicey step out on so many recent occasions looking hot and nicely covered up. So for her look here, sorry Nicey its also a MISS! They both rocked the looked Equally. 
What do you guys think, do you agree or do you have contrary thoughts? I’d love to hear them. In the main time…
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Ivy Marshall 


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