Even as we gradually get out of the New Year Celebratory Mood and the Reality of being back to work dawns on us; you know we do have to work hard and make more money this new year right?! So begin lax shouldn’t come anywhere close to your infecting our New Year Milestones, Resolutions and Attitudes.

I for one am so extremely overwhelmed building a new Website (step by step) but excited still with the new phase the brand is about to embark on. I cant wait for you all to see it! Now back to the post…Its the 4th day of the Ne Year and though the World of Fashion and Beauty and Lifestyle never really went on a break (just on a food-eating and dancing spree), Still, i thought to share some of the notable things to anticipate from 2017 thus far. Keep Reading and dissect it all with me. Merci! 


From the Red Carpet to Street Style to Social Media, the Fashion Queens and Diva’s are not about to put a halt or slow down their Fashion Forwardness. Its just three days into the New Year and the streets are already talking the fashion talk. As 2017 rolls on, expect to see even more intense and enviable, drop-dead-gorgeous looks all year long. The AWARD SEASON is just around the Corner so expect the scene’s to be heated up a little or a lot! I personally cant wait for “The Award Season” and all the Chaos and Couture it brings forth. Who will dominate the Red Carpet, who will be the break through Fashionista of the year and who will be Snapping back at Ivy Marshall this year at the Met Gala’s??? Definitely not Sarah Jessica Parker!
Janelle Monae at the Palms Spring Festival 
Ruth Negga at the Palms Spring Film Festival in Valentino 
Kendall Jenner commanding the streets already in an Acne Studio Jacket and some Fancy Perspex heels. 
Keyshia Ka’oir in Dolce and Gabbana 
Cardi B rocking Gucci boots and a Tote. 
Christiano Ronaldo in D-squared and Common Projects.
GQ set the Ball rolling already, naming Drake the Most Fashionable Man in 2017. Although, i appreciate Drake take of being Fashionable but i have to disagree with the Iconic Men’s Magazine (little ol’ me). Drake had a lot of wow moments, Still, 2016 had a lot of Fashionable swoon-worthy men. I’m not about to pitch Baller against Baller but best believe that every Man out there is going to do more than put his best foot forward in terms of fashion in 2017. Its being barely 4 days into the New Year and everyone is already on-top of their game, lets see who wears us off this year.

Pharell Williams in Maison Michel and Chanel
Young Jezzy in Versace 

2016 was definitely the year of Women domination so its expected that more Diva’s emerge and more voices are heard this year 2017. In 2016, we had more “Real” Daytime Diva’s emerge and also more “Lyon”esses emerge on TV; the Cookie’s of the world! Ladies steadily got in “Formation” and when they were not making statements with their music, designer’s where snatching back authority on the Runway and expressing themselves boldly through fashion. Dare i not acknowledge the Big bold and beautiful ladies that stepped to shape the world of Fashion in 2016, the likes of Ashley Graham and those who are busy getting their revenge bodies on and taking matters of Health and beauty into their hands. 2017 is going to have a lot of ladies making more meaningful and purposeful moves so let sit back and be Inspired!

A brighter and 42lbs Lighter Oprah Winfrey on the cover of weight watchers.

Ashley Graham aka the face for big, bold and BEAUTIFUL.

Tia Morwy and Garcelle Baeuvais


Nomzamo Mbatha 
If you thought you had seen the best of Africa and its Fashion, then brace yourself cus you know nothing John Snow! In 2017, expect to be blown away by the Creative geniuses in Africa and the amazing Fashion we will all witness come out of Africa all year long. Personally, i think the African’s set the tone already in 2016, so i expect even more creativity and more break-through’s this year. Like my motto goes “The time for Africa is Now”. 

 Dipiper Twins 

2016 GTB Fashion Weekend – Style Temple designs 

Designs by Sima Brew 
4. COACHELLA 2017 

Usually for Fashion enthusiast’s and bloggers all around the world, the annual Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival, brings forth some of the most alluring street style. It is usually always something to look forward to. From Celebrities storming the scenes in their most fashionable off-duty looks to Music lovers giving you something fashionable and hip! to question. This year, Coachella might be the mecca of Entertainment because, it is not only going to bring forth amazing street style but something better than Fashion is coming through *drum roll* Queen Beyonce!!! She headlines the California Festival with the one and only Kendrick Lamar. Can you beat that? Certainly not!!! 


Max Mara Pre-Fall 2017 Collection

You basically start anticipating the next Fashion Week from the last Runway bow at the previous Season. The 2016 Fashion Week across the globe, brought forth some of the most illustrious designs, amazing Fashion Collaborations and overly talented designers; both old and new. What to expect in 2017, i have absolutely no idea. The CDFA Fashion Calendar is officially out so its best we get in the mood and prepare to be amazed. Its going to be 4 seasons of out-doing and breaking away from basic fashion. Stoked! 
Fendi Pre-Fall Collection 

Okay so this definitely had to make the list. It has been months since the Fashion Savant ditched Social Media for some peace and quiet so by now she should be turning pale and itching for some sun. The Reality Star has been feeding us crumbs, posting family pictures via Social Media, as opposed to her months of utter silence (well she wasn’t so silent, having others post for her). I’m guessing she is going to make an official Street strut anytime soon, its a new year so she must be feeling brand new. Tick Tock!

The only thing more important than Kim Kardashian returning to your Fashion Radars has to be the Return of TV’s best Series and Finest Faces so move over Kim K. Yes! After waiting for months we finally get to watch some meaningful suspense filled TV. I still havent gotten over the death of King Ragnar and i’m still tormented by those snakes…but i hope to find consolation in Olivia Pope’s wardrobe and John Snow’s piercing eyes. Oh by the way, if you didnt get a lead on all things Game of Thrones, head back and see it HERE. Warning At Your Own Risk! 😅😈👀

We might just be 4 days into the New Year but we need to stay extremely positive and enjoy each day as it comes. From the world of Fashion and Music to Lifestyle, be inspired by all the best and keep coming back here for more. Have a wonderful week. 
Ivy Marshall 


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