You might remember her for being the right hand of the most powerful Queen in all the seven kingdoms, otherwise, she is 29-year-old Natalie Joanne Emmanuel and she is striking a pose as the the new Reebok Womens ambassador. See pictures from her campaign after the cut.  

Natalie has just been tapped by the British athletic company, to join a high-profile group of women including Gigi Hadid, Ariana GrandeGal Gadot amongst others who will appear in the brand’s first female-skewed campaign later this year. 
“I am driven by the idea that all women are not defined by a single trait,” she said. “We are individuals with strengths, talents and beliefs that define us and shape who we are as humans. This new partnership with Reebok is founded upon shared passion and synergy with individuality. Together, we are passionate about an agenda that spotlights the individual abilities of women and propels their stories forward.”

Natalie is famous for being Missandei in Game of thrones and boy do i miss seeing her on my screen. Hurry back HBO! She also stars as Meghan Ramsey in the Fast and Furious franchise and is a well known feminist and civil rights activist.
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