So lately everyone has been seen rocking this open-toe strap sandals. They have always been around though, but I’ve just been seeing them too much these days lol. They are pretty nice and look comfy but i wont be caught in them…not a fan of open-toe shoes.
Still, they are so nice and you can rock them with anything jeans, skirts, overall’s, shorts, you name it.

pics after the cut 🙂

 open-toe sandals in white, NICE! ps you gatta have really fine toes to rock this shoes well.
Love, love love this dress. Peplum perfection! Okay back to the shoes, the lady is rocking them like a pro.

Apparently i’m not the only one who likes neon as a color, it just makes your outfit pop!

 Lovely Combo and this white bodycon is gorgeous.

 Dulce candy rocking her sandals with a wash blue overall. What a cool way to pair it. And also over-all’s are gradually making a come back. NICE!

This pretty lady decided to rock her sandals in a neon yellow dress, black blaizer and matching royal blue clutch.

 Maytedoll rocking her open-toe sandals with a pair of neon yellow crop pants (i’m obsessed with neon), a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket with matching black bag.

 A cooperate way to rock the sandals, nice!

Fashion blogger Maytedoll, rocking her nude sandals with this beautiful play-suit and matching bag.


Open-toe sandals with dangling straps, nice!

She rocks the sandals with a stripped black and white leggins matching the shoes.
Open-toe sandals in nude, can go with almost everything.
All white everything 🙂 so cool. you never go wrong with white
This particular sandals is two-toned and you can rock it with either colors.
Love the color combination and most certainly the Celine T-shirt.
Beauty blogger Jennis Jenkins, paired her blue dress and black jacket with a neon yellow open-toe.


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