Modesty is truly the purest form of elegance! If there is one thing i learnt from the Royal Wedding and its festivities, it would definitely be that simplicity is still the ultimate form of sophistication. The Royal family remains the most prestigious and the highest ranking family all across the globe and they just reset the precedent for all Future Royals.
Although it might have been Meghan Markle’s fairy tale wedding and she might have looked the most flawless of all the ladies, it was Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge that got everyone talking with her repeat Alexander McQueen number. Keep reading…

Almost everyone was as eager to see Catherine as they were to see the Bride. After all, it was her first public appearance since giving birth to her son Prince Louis. She was the most recent Bride to wed into the British Royal Family, and her wedding was also tabloid wrecking. At first glance, when i saw Catherine walk the steps of the St. Georges Cathedral in her all white silk ensemble, i nodded in approval “She is royalty, we shouldn’t expect anything less than this” i said to myself.
Catherine looked effortless to say the least in her perfectly tailored Alexander McQueen longsleeve dress, paired with the most admirable Philip Treacy Hat, probably one of the best at the occasion and some nude pointed Jimmy Choo heels. She had just had a baby weeks ago and she still was in full blown radiation mood.
Then there was Princess Charlotte, who mesmerized the crowd of onlookers and the world at largewith her angelic presence. She waved! That was a moment to be seen…Royalty in the making.
Social Media reacted negatively to Catherine’s choice of color to Meghan and Harry’s Royal Wedding, most critics hated the fact that she chose to wear “white” on Meghan’s big day and i’m sure they hated the fact that she looked this unblemished. Still, that was not the most intriguing thing about Catherine’s look or choice of outfit.
What blew me away was the fact that Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, a world renowned Fashion-icon  and role model, chose the most anticipated Royal Wedding in the History of Europe and America to wear one of her previously owned and previously worn outfits. If it looked familiar to you, then you were definitely right. She had worn her white Alexander McQueen dress two times on two different important occasions already. Talk about being unbothered and unassuming!
The Duchess switched things up this time, by pairing her Alexander McQueen ensemble with a matching white Fascinator by British designer Philip Treacy.


 She first debuted the look in July 2015 at the christening for her second child, Princess Charlotte.
And then again at the Queen’s official birthday celebrations, in 2016.
I dont know about you, but i know it takes a very Confident Duchess in Catherine’s shoes to pull-off a notable re-wear or as social media analysts would say a “Royal Re-wear”.
Then again, they say “The woman who does not require validation from anyone, should be the most feared and respected woman on the planet”.
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