Must have been great to attend #Beychella and see Queen Bey in the flesh right?! From her history making headlining performance last week, to her, commanding the stage a second time around at the closing of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this past weekend, Beyonce is truly unmatched and it is safe to say she does it all!
With the Queen Bee, every new sighting is something to behold. She never fails to push the envelope so far, till becomes an actual kite and flies across the globe!
For her mind-blowing, world-shaking Coachella performance, the Music Royalty blessed and inspired us with her amazing music and perfectly crafted custom Balmain pieces. Inspired by the Historical Black College movement, which she has played a passionate and heavy role in, the brightly colored hoodies and glitter crested sorority gears, where a new level of cool, even for Beyonce. 

Beyonce made us wait a whole year for her epic Coachella performance and believe me, it was worth every single day we spent imagining what she could possibly do to make us shake and shiver. Her dance routines were nothing short of spectacular and mind blowing, the crowd was pumped and screaming their lungs out all in awe of the unrivaled Queen of everything Hollywood! But what really got us the Fashion analysts and critics buzzing (get that, buzzing for queen bey😁) was the custom crafted Balmain pieces she wore for both her performances. 
Really! Beyonce, how does your band look cooler than every single college in the United States?! And dont say its because it was designed by French creative Olivier Rousteing of Balmain, because they clearly reek of Beyonce’s superiority and creativity. Not one but two great minds could have put this pieces of art together. The designer shared a picture (as seen above) of Beyonce hands-on and involved in the process. Talk about the devil being in the details.  

This very moment goes down in history, the moment Beyonce, the first black woman to headline Coachella appeared on stage in her custom marigold hoodie, some ripped denim daisy dukes and the coolest, shimmery feather red-bottom boots. This was a fashion zeitgeist, one to be remembered and envied for eternity.
Her Greek-themed embellished logo apparel, became the most wanted clothing  on the internet. “Beyonce Delta Kappa” one frat we will definitely all pledge our allegiance and lives too, no kidding!

We cried out and Beyonce listened! Just before her concluding performance at the second week of Beychella, Beyonce released a 15-piece capsule collection, featuring some of the most attractive Greek-themed gears for every single one of us ladies, her faithful pledges. Only available for the next 30 days, the collection is available only on Beyoncé’s site which you can see and shop by clicking HERE.
The pieces include hoodies, bandannas, tees and shorts perfect for pledging our eternal devotion to the Queen. 

I have just one question for y’all, Are you ready to graduate from the Hive and into a full-fledged pledge of Beyoncé Delta Kappa? If you are, you know what to do!
Instagram: @Beylite 
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Ivy Marshall 


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