African Television Personality Vimbai Muthinhiri is my Style Star for the month of December. Personally, i dont think there could be a better, more worthy fashionista to close-in the year with. Zimbabwean beauty Vimbai is unarguably one of the best dressed Media Personalities in the continent. As expected of an on-screen diva, Vimbai has the most spot-on, effortless and bubbly take on fashion and when she is not slaying behind the green screen, she is working it off out on the Red Carpet as a Silver Screen Goddess showing off her perfect and well tailored ensembles that hug her svelte figure, remarkable poses and her fascinating personality. The former reality Star turned TV Princess and Red Carpet Queen definitely has this style thing on lock down. See all of my favorite looks from the Zimbabwean beauty after the cut. Be Inspired!

What do you think of Vimbai’s style? Amazing right?! I say she goes on every best-dressed list this year, because she really inscribed her name on the Fashion Walls. From Zimbabwe to Nigeria and the rest of Africa, there is no stopping this Fashion maven or slowing her own and i certainly cant wait to see what she has up her heels in 2017. 
Let us know what you think of Vimbai’s swoon-worthy Fashion & Style. 
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Ivy Marshall 


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