If you are a Game of thrones fan, scratch that if you are not a Game of Thrones fan, then what are you really? What is your purpose in life?! Anyway, the 7th installment of Game of Thrones “Spoils of War” definitely has us all rattled up and anxious. What is to come? Is Tyrion Lannister about to loose Daenerys’ war before it even begins? Are Greyworm and even a dozen of the unsullied going to make it back (sad face). Anyway cable network HBO, officially released some photos for the next episode of Game Of Thrones on Wednesday. See all of them after the cut. I made up some interesting captions. 

What might be left of Daenerys’ army before the war; Tyrion Lannister and Missandei with Davos ? Hell no! Did you hear that page-turning eulogy Missandei welcomed John Snow with; Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, Queen of the Dothraki, the unburnt bla bla bla….The Khalessi is still a force to contend with, believe me.

Right now, i am loving John Snow. Who cares about the 7 Kingdoms when we have a blizzard coming our way. The King of the Night and his entire army of the Dead and a Giant Night Walker! Please allow him mine his Dragon Glass in Peace. Besides, the tension between them (John and Daenerys) is already brewing #Baeatwork #Johnerys #kingandqueenofthesevenkingdoms πŸ‘«πŸ‘€πŸ˜€
 Even Missandei knows, she is like “I see the way he looks at you”, why do you think Kahlessi has that “stop it” look on her face lol. John and Kahlessi sitting on a dragon (you know the rest of the song). 
Now to another part of the 7 Kingdom, the Queen of the North! How gorgeous and how confident has Sansa Stark being in this season? Winter does look good on her skin, look at that flawless glow lol. Sansa is obviously still shook, following the troubling discussion she had recently with her brother Bran, who by the way is now an absolute weirdo! All that Three-eyed raven talk took him from cute to creepy in 7 seasons. πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
 Trusted supporters of Sansa – Brienne and Podrick are in a courtyard looking concerned as well while snow falls around them. Podrick to Brienne “forget about beating me, can you beat the dead?” It would not be nice if she became a white walker though, they already have one huge giant and that’s cheating for the Spoils of War battle. They are only so few left if you count the Hound and the Mountain; speaking of the weird brothers. 

Que Fatal Attraction! Little Finger!!! Other than his annoyingly likable accent and his perfectly styled hair i want to see how he plays out…oh wait, he dies! Guess who kills him…keep scrolling.
Speaking of annoying. Theon Greyjoy the coward of the county! returned to Dragonstone after he was saved by the few members of Yara’s crew who survived the sea battle with Euron Greyjoy. dan dan dan (dramatic theme song). He will finally meet John Snow and maybe meet his fate.
Take on more look at him, he is the definition of Jump Ship. This has to be his plead the fifth face, because soon he might have to tell the truth about jumping ship and not offering help to his sister Yara.
Points for Jamie Lannister! He is already leading his army to victory even though it all doesn’t matter. The night king and the white walkers are still coming to kill them all! What could be going on here (tilts head) i’m sure they finally get to meet Khalessi’s babies and by babies i mean fire breathing monstrous dragons. Brace yourselves and turn back guys, today is not the day to be roasted alive!
We have to give Cersei a point, she might be the one to take down one of Kahlessi’s babies, too bad! Anywhere Cersei goes someone tends to loose a child (hiss). Like i shared 8 months ago, the dragon died and got resurrected by the white walkers and now breathes ice uhhh! Thats bad, very bad. 
I know we are all excited about GOT season 7, i cant concentrate myself. But, you should know whats to come…thanks to the HBO Leaks who call themselves “Watchers of the Wall”, they leaked and i shared some of whats to come 8 MONTHS AGO on a previous post which you can read all about HERE
Still not convinced, then allow me tell you some of it, Arya gets to execute Little Finger. John and Daenerys end up in bed together (predictable) Jamie and Thereon get re-united, The Hound and The Mountain meet, John finds out who he really is!!!!!!
So much more, so head back and read it HERE
In the main time Watchers of the Wall
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