OAP Toolz is the Cover Star of this month’s Genevieve Magazine and does she look beautiful! The bodacious Nigerian on-air media personality is all about positive vibes as she celebrates her happy days, following a sad and depressing time in her life. I am glad to know she is rebuilt and motivated to take on new challenges again. Read excerpts from her interview after the cut. 

I’m so excited to be a Genevieve Magazine cover girl again! A BIG thank you to the Genevieve team. Between my parents and new parents, I think we bought about 100 copies of that edition. Nothing much has changed…the stress of planning a wedding is far behind us, and now it’s just all about both of us, s, and now it’s just all about both of us, building our own reality and happiness, and finding what works for us.
There is usually a very fairy-tale like view of what one’s marriage will be like, especially in the first few years. Has it been everything you hoped it would be?
I’m a die-hard romantic, so I did think marriage was going to be like a Disney movie….no arguments, birds singing every morning. (Laughs) To be honest It’s not quite like that, but I’m very happy. I think what I love most about being married is being part of this team. It’s amazing knowing that whatever I’m going through good/bad – someone will always be there with me to hold my hand or cheer me on.

On the outside, and with thanks to curating one’s life on social media, a lot of the difficult points of one’s life tends to stay out of the picture. One of such difficulties was your miscarriage, which you haven’t spoken publicly about. What was going through your head at that time?
I’ve never spoken about it because it was very painful, and it’s still very difficult for me to talk about it.
I’m much better now, thanks to God. I did sadly lose my baby but I’m almost there now. I would like to share my story with Genevieve; there’s no one else I would trust with it. Please do let me know your thoughts. Thank you”
To read the full interview, Head straight to the source Genevieve Magazine Nigeria
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