33 and a Virgin! Fast rising Nigerian-American Actress Yvonne Orji is far from Insure and has definitely caught the attention of many, playing her her amazing character on the hit TV Series Insecure where she stars along side the sensational Issa Rae. Yvonne is re-inventing TV’s Idea of a single Woman. Read some excerpts from her interview with The Cut after the cut lol…get it, after the cut! Ignore me…

Orji’s warmth and humor keep the character grounded. With her great taste and great wigs, Molly could have seemed like a snob, but she’s played by an actress who still lives with a roommate and buys peanuts from the 99-cent store.

And, also unlike Molly, Orji doesn’t date much. That’s in part because she “doesn’t really like” dating, but she says it’s also because she’s being realistic; she’s not “the chick everyone would want to date,” she says. “I’m not smashing. I’m not naïve. I know it’s 2017.”

Orji was raised Catholic and remains a faithful Christian (her Twitter bio reads “Jesus and I roll tight”); she’s also a virgin. During her first semester at George Washington University, she was 17 and had a boyfriend she fully intended to sleep with on December 2, her 18th birthday. (“I was counting down the days,” she says. “I expected rose petals.”) But then she went to a Bible study where she met Lindsay March, a beautiful 25-year-old minister who called God “Daddy” and was saving herself for marriage. Orji found that the idea of sacrificing something for Jesus spoke to her. March “was gorgeous and she was willingly saying no. I mean, it’s easy when you ugly,” Orji says. “She made the choice, and it stirred in me. I was like, I want to be so in tune with God. I always say I have been bamboozled by Jesus, because at the time, I was like, I better get married at 25. And now I’m 33. I’m in too deep.” 

She does have “a potential” at the moment. “We’re just talking with a purpose,” she says. “I think there is this narrative that if you are a black woman and you are strong and you are educated, it’s like, Good luck getting a black man. I believe in the equal and opposite: If I exist, there is an equal and opposite version of me, and so however long I have to wait, and wherever he happens to be, we’ll find it. Sometimes it’s like, Jesus, where he at? But there are 8 billion people on earth and I haven’t been to every Whole Foods yet.”

Before Insecure, the Nigerian-born actress thought she’d go into a more “immigrant-family-approved” career, such as becoming a doctor. (She got her master’s in public health at George Washington.) She discovered comedy when she entered a campus beauty pageant as a favor to the organizer, and wound up performing a five-minute set about her family. She loved it — and, more important, she felt it was what God wanted her to do. So in 2009 she moved to New York to pursue stand-up. Eventually, she landed a job in the writers room of Love That Girl!, then launched First Gen, a web series riffing on her own life. First Gen got her an audition for Insecure…
Get the full scoop here at The CUT in the main time…
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