If there is anyone African Lady you want giving you beauty tips and tricks, it should be Eku Edewor. The Stunning New mommy, is Cover Girl for Accelerate Tv August Feature. See all her amazing shots and read some excerpts from her interview after the cut. 

She was so playful, free-spirited and having fun throughout her interview session. Actress and TV personality, Eku Edewor is definitely more than you think. The first thing you would notice about her is the fact that she is comfortable with herself. With her complexion, it’s normal that she gets a lot of stares often, hence her obsession with beauty products. But, here she is in the Accelerate studio telling us she is now so comfortable with her skin and doesn’t care about its flaws anymore – you go girl!

She is a new mom, so naturally, she came in wearing flats, noting that she definitely appreciates flats more than heels now and she will be the first to tell new moms to buy products with natural ingredients for their babies – the less chemical the better.
Eku also dished on her new beauty product, the Aurum Elixir, which performs just about all the beauty functions every lady – and guy- needs. It was definitely fun hanging out with Eku Edewor, with her laughs, jokes and truths.

Describe the ‘Eku look’
I would say that my style is more of an eclectic elegance or exciting classic. It is sort of a contradiction because I like out-of-the-box pieces but I don’t like to be too trendy, I still try to look classic and I prefer to look quite clean in some ways. Even if the top might have a lot of drama, I like to anchor the look always so that it looks wearable. My look isn’t like a Rihanna kind of outfit, because I don’t commit all the way like she does most times. I think I have sometimes but it is not a consistent look. My day to day is crazy cool, I guess.
It gets even better, head straight to the source and read all she has to share HERE 
Credits: Accelerate TV 
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