My dear ladies i understand that being beautiful while pregnant is important, very important. But, how far are you willing to take fashion and beauty while pregnant? The question bothering everyones mind lately is ARE PREGNANT WOMEN ALLOWED TO WEAR HEELS? Ask Kim Kardashian.


The Fashionista is heavily pregnant and has been wearing heels from day one of her conception. She has got people questioning their doctors as to whether they can wear heels too. Like i always say, Kim and a host of other pregnant celebrities and socialites who we look up too and spot rocking these heels are not super human breeds. As a matter of fact its surprising the pain and discomfort they will bear just to keep up appearances not to mention the horrible risks involved.

Here are reasons why, you as a pregnant woman should not wear heels…9months ought to be a break for your waist and feet;

Wearing high heels (even wide-based, clunky ones) is not a good idea during pregnancy. That’s because your weight increases and your body shape and center of gravity change, making you walk differently (and less steadily). A fall during pregnancy could hurt you and possibly your baby, so think twice before adding height to your growing girth.

Pregnancy hormones, like progesterone, fill the bloodstream and loosen ligaments in the lower back and abdomen to allow the stomach room to grow. The bloodstream does not stop at abdomen, however. The same pregnancy hormones that loosen ligaments to accommodate pregnancy growth will also pass through other areas of the body like the lower legs, feet and ankles. When ligaments in the lower leg loosen, feet can lengthen and widen and ankle strength can diminish. This makes wearing high heels riskier and less comfortable than before than before. Lower back ligaments are also affected meaning that there can be additional stress on lower back muscles with added pain and strain.

With loosened ankle ligaments, stability is also a problem. Combine loose ligaments with balance issues associated with the redistribution of body weight during pregnancy, and wearing high heels can lead to stumbles and falls that could harm both the pregnant woman and her fetus.

So ladies there are a million and one ways to feel pretty even with a bun in your oven, invest in pretty maternity clothes that will make you look and feel good, flats and flip-flops, make up always look pretty and wear a smile and most of all be thankful for the life you have in you and remember nothing makes you as pretty as a smile *wink*


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  1. It all depends on the individual. A heel addict will feel more pain and discomfort wearing flats than heels. And pregnant women can wear heels as long as they feel comfortable in it and are very careful with their steps so as not to fall over.

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