For the Creative and Sophisticated mind  at Chanel, by that i mean the Fashion God himself, Karl Lagerfeld, its never an ordinary, predictable or basic day! See all the fabulous looks (my favorites) from the Brands Pre-Fall Collection, debuted at its annual Métiers d’Art show in its new & refurbished Hotel in Paris The Ritz. More after the cut.

Like most people in the Fashion Industry would ask, How does he do it?! How does he keep putting out tons of envelop-pushing designs, topping every previously released one, how does he multi-task with so much difference and originality between Chanel and Fendi?! I guess we might never fully comprehend the genius that is Karl Lagerfeld. I love every single one of the designs. 
It doesn’t end here, see every single Runway look from the brands Pre-fall Collection right here
Be Inspired!
Ivy Marshall 


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