You may be thinking to yourself, why does Nollywood Actress Rita Dominic stand out as not just one of the biggest Actresses in Nollywood but as an all round Style Star? Well its simple, Rita has over a decade of acting experience on her resume and somehow, she and her wardrobe choices have managed to stand out and stand the test of trends, new faces an TIME on and off the big screen.

Being a style star is beyond the flim flam of chasing fashion trends or throwing on big brands with the hope of catching the limelight or always stealing the show.
Stardom and Style have one major thing in common, they are both in-born so you cant fake it or shake it or buy it in the most expensive store in the world. It is finesse and class and it only comes from within.

Think back to the last time you ever saw Rita Dominic in an outfit you thought was horrendous or completely beneath her? Still thinking…you may probably never get a bad image of the Actress in your head because there is none really. Growing up and watching her on the big screen, we always rumored that she had her own special wardrobe or that she wore her very own clothes in her movies, thats why she always looked so great. Well her clothes or not, Rita has a great and timeless sense of style and it shows every time she steps into the limelight.

For her appearance at the 2018 AMVCA Awards, the Style Star hit the awards in a cobalt blue off-the-shoulder curve-hugging number which showed off her graceful figure. Her hair was rolled up in a sleek up-do and her make up was a perfect blend of smoky eyes and nude lips. Perfecto!

Rita Dominic make up by @dorannebeauty 
Rita Dominic in Lagos based women’s wear brand TUBO

It takes a village! Watch (below) all the behind-the-scenes moment that led to Rita’s knock-out look at the 2018 AMVCA. She is such a DIVA…


Credits: @RitaDominic

Custom dress: @tubo__
Styling: @thestyleinfidel
Make up: @dorannebeauty
Hair:  @ugo007makeme
Accessories:  @pinkperfection_accessories
Photo: @shotbyernest



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