Just when you think Robyn Rihanna Fenty cannot possibly outdo herself, she will leave you awed over and over again! Only Rihanna can surpass Rihanna, we have to inscribe that on stones and leave it at that. She hit the Premiere of the Oceans 8 movie today in London and she completely stole the show. Strutting unto the Red Carpet wrapped in a gold foil-esque draped gown from Master French Couturier Paul Poiret, Rihanna looked completely breathtaking in her gleaming ensemble, paired with some gold Guiseppe Zanotti heels and a louboutin clutch. The Barbadian beauty continues to solidify her place in Fashion.

Poiret RTW Fall 2018

When it comes to making iconic fashion statements like this, Rihanna doesn’t hold anything back, and it is simply one of the reasons why her style has gone from head-line worthy to impeccable. Personally, i think Rihanna’s look tonight cannot be faulted because this is the prettiest in terms of Beauty that she has exuded all year long. She is the reigning beauty mogul in terms of celebrities venturing into the Beauty business and her products have proven to be as authentic and as unfeigned as it comes. Who better to promote Fenty Beauty than the madame herself?! Subtle eye make-up, a perfect Red lip and just the right amount of highlight to bring the entire look to perfection. Rihanna nailed it!

Head-to-toe view of Rihanna’s full look

Its also not very often we see Rihanna rock a bun this confidently, so i guess Fenty Beauty was all that was needed to distract us from caring too much about the fore-head memes…sorry haters, not today!

She looks perfect, her bun is perfect, her make up is flawless. She went for minimal accessories and rocked some henna on one hand…everything looks just brilliant.



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