Here i am wondering if people still go on dates as much as they used too. Well, i hope they do and i hope TV and Social-media hasn’t eaten that deep into our social consciousness and reduced a cool night out of great conversation, great food and a good laugh to just “Netflix and Chill” or simply just texting. Anyway, for those of you ladies who still appreciate getting to know each other the old-fashioned and “Safe way” or just need a fun night out with your girls, be inspired by this amazing look from Rihanna’s night out.

Got a good look? Rihanna is single at the moment, so this is definitely a date night look. What i like about this look is that it is simple and elegant and unassuming. You want to pick a dress that flatters your body shape for what it is and not something that makes you look over-fed before the waiter even shows up. Black is always a good color, although some people cant get past the morbidity attached to it.
There is nothing as important as having a black dress to-go in your closet, it will save you a lot of back-and-forth clothing confusion and it can be paired with literally anything!

For her date night (lets just call it that) Rihanna paired her black strapless bodycon dress with a matching black bandeau choker and some black perspex strap heels. Leave it to the Barbadian beauty to make up for her lack of neck-jewelry by rocking some pearl anklets. They really look good. On first sight, i thought those where some really lovely shoes (with a pearl strap) but no, they are just Rihanna’s fancy leg jewelry.
She kept her make up subtle and classy, by rocking her signature Fenty Beauty “Stunna” red lipstick and some minimal eye makeup and highlight. Rihanna is the reigning celebrity beauty mogul, so she cant afford to be walking around looking like a canvas! It is always a great idea to keep your make up simple and light-weight, especially at night because you dont want the night-light’s to catch you in a bad place that could be very daunting. Less is more ladies…less is more!

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Doesn’t she look amazing? What do you think about Rihanna’s look? I hope this inspires you to walk the simple sophisticated and chic path.


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