For those of you who know her, Beverly Osu is a video vixen and a model…she is known for her very randy modelling and almost nude appearances and popular for appearing in music videos. For those of you who don’t know her she is one of Nigeria’s representatives in the Big Brother Africa reality show ‘The chase’ organised by mnet Africa.
The young lady for some reason decided to shower nude in the BBA house and apparently the video was uploaded by unknown person on the web. The video has gone completely viral and the views are gradually escalating.
The question is, did she not know that cameras lie behind the mirrors in the bathroom??? I strongly doubt that because we all who know and watch big brother are aware of the ‘shower hour’ thats why most contestants bathe in their under garments or bathing suits.
Oh well ill see how this plays out
More pics after the cut


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  1. Apparently..videos of every1 shower hour in bba is out and also the shower pictures of pple like cleo,fatima,huddah et al..unfair……yawe

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