In a world of fashion were most of the time we just keep scrolling until we see something completely admirable and stop to like or munch or leave an emotionless smiley to describe our innermost admiration for an amazing combination of clothes or a great pair of shoes or a relentlessness fashion savant, Ghollywood Actress, Writer, Producer and TV Personality Zynnell Zuh stands out as golden.
She is like a modern day African Marilyn Monroe. A more colorful, more curvaceous, less casual more couture kind of fashionista! With every new post and every new sighting comes a different enticing look, more volume and so much personality. I would call her the fashionista of the month but this is not your average fashionista, this is an African couture goddess and i lover her. Check out more of her style as you scroll…told you all we do now is scroll lol

What do you think of her style? Does she get fashion points for being so extra fabulous…Yeap! Lets hear your thoughts.

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