What a vision of beauty! For the African bride that really really wants to stand out and make a long-lasting fashion impression on her big day. Red is usually a bold option that rarely crosses the minds of most Nigerian brides but when Abuja- based Nigerian designer Kathy Anthony posted this marvelous work of art on her Instagram page, all concerns about the dauntless color seized to exist because the quality and craft of this outfit is simply perfect. Good quality clothing will do that to your doubts and insecurities you know, make them all go away. See more of the outfit and share your thoughts.

Its funny how the designer never tagged the outfit as a bridal fit but we automatically assumed and concluded that is was. Because in a normal world no wedding guest should show up commanding this much attention on your big day right (lol)?! Do you love it as much as i do? Lets hear your thoughts.

The outfit is part of designer Kathy Anthony’s 2018 Luxe Collection and you can see more of her outfits here.




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