As you all know, i am very into make up. I have a knack for fine things *wink* and looking pretty is often accompanied with having an arranged (beat) face. My skills are self developed. I didn’t attend any schools for it luckily. I just learnt by watching you-tube videos of my favourite artists. It sure helped me alot! Trust me you don’t need all the most expensive brands in the world to have your make up on point. Just don’t get fakes because they may damage your skin.
Its essential that if you must apply make up…do it well at least please! Don’t apply too much, just do it moderately and most importantly evenly. You don’t wanna come out looking half-baked know what am saying ๐Ÿ™‚
Anyways thought this might help you make up lovers.


10. Jessica Harlow

She was one of the first people i bumped into on youtube i fell totally in love with her natural looks and she helped me as a beginner alot. Sometimes u gatta aim for the natural look mehnn.

Aka Lauren Beauty is one drop dead gorgeous Australian chick. Shes very skilled and fun to watch, and her lashes are so long and adorable. I love her and her make up!

You cant be a fan of youtube MUA’s and not know Tiara Monet hmmm… I liked her make up at first then later i fell in love with her hair making techniques, she makes her own hair and does it effortlessly and beautifully and plus she has a killer bod so i mean u just gatta love her ๐Ÿ™‚

Indeed one of the neatest make up artist ever her techniques are dope and she made me understand the concept of falsies ‘they complete your look’ and she wears them like a pro!


The funny thing about this MUA is that i started watching her videos before she had an english channel LOL meaning i watched her videos in spanish, not understanding a word she uttered. I loved her pretty face and techniques and that did it for me. She always wears an effortless nude/natural look and that just enhances her beauty.


This is one of my favourite artists and she has the best eyebrows ever, in her words her eye brows ‘beast’ lol shes pretty skilled and above all neat.

Non other than Anitra herself, she is a funny MUA. Her videos are just hilarious and of course she is very skilled. She loves her lashes long and i love it!!! She is one chatterbox but her videos are always worth it. She has a bulldog and calls it Piglet hilarious. Nitraab๐Ÿ’–

Stephanie as she is called is a breath-taking natural beauty… In fact ill skip the talk and let her picture speak for her.

Okay so don’t call me indecisive buy erm i love this next couple of girls so much they are all at one number… Crazy right *shrug*

When i get my subscription mail from youtube her channel is literally the 1st i run too. Shout out to a funny/ downtoearth/crazy girl. Not to mention we are from the same country and tribe (call me racist) puskieswadrobe. I don’t know about you but she is fun to watch because she always keeps it real and funk
Not to mention she is hilarious.

Im guessing if she wasn’t on my list, it would have been totally disregarded. She is one of the most popular you tubers. But, shes on my list not for her status but her make up. She was one of the first make up artists i got addicted too on you tube. She is so professional its hard to ignore her videos. She helped me improve a lot and understand the rudiments of make up….love me some Jenny ps she’s Nigerian ( i swear am mot racist) lol

Missy Lynn gotta love her, she is a beauty with a brush. Neat and effortless and always has that flawless finish. And plus she always has the best soundtracks on her video, love her!!! (No homo) lol

Recently discovered, i love this MUA because her finishing is always flawless and ‘beat’ this girl knows how to contour !

Drum roll please…my number one all time favourite youtuber, make up artist is definitely the island beauty. Shes the first person i fell in love with on youtube i saw her Kim Kardashian wedding tutorial and never left youtube again. Lol she is dope, fly, fresh and indeed awesome! Check out her videos effortless and perfect! Sadly, she is not a fan of social media she has no twitter, Facebook, Instagram nothing ๐Ÿ™ only you tube. All the same here are some pics

So ladies be sure to check them out. There are a 1000 make up artist on youtube and i see a lot of nice ones these are just my favourites.
I’Il end this with a quick picture of me hehehe


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  1. I enjoyed this!! I watch a lot of them already and you are not racist … lol, more than half of my youtube MUA are naija, and Tiarra's body is hot! No homo

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