So currently i’ve found myself obsessing over watches, perfumes and make-up. Although, my obsession over make up never gets old, i love make up i’m a total make up junkie. Too bad birthdays come once a year 🙁


I love watches, and i feel like every girl needs to have at least one really good pair of watch, i mean beyond telling time it also serves as a necessary accessory. My all time favorite watches are Michael kors, they are durable and really fancy and classy.
Other cool brands are Armani exchange, Aldo which is very affordable and Rolex.

                                                    Micheal kors Gold chronograph


Smelling nice and having a good perfume or scent is a necessity that CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be over looked by any lady. You gotta have a good scent to you. Invest in a good perfume or body spray any one affordable to you.That awesome moment when you walk into a room and the whole place changes because your perfume saints like heaven #bliss. Trust me dem go believe you 😀

My all time favorite perfume has to be Coco Chanel mademoiselle, i love love love this perfume its literally the

                            Gucci guilty is an absolutely fab perfume and a plus to my collection

        Kim Kardashian’s true reflection is a good perfume, got it out of curiosity and love for Kim

Calvin Klein euphoria, awesome!
Creed acqua florentina, is the
Other awesome fragrances are Valentino (Rock and rose), unforgivable by Sean john, i love all Britney spears perfumes they the really good.


For every young lady i think make up is a fundamental human right! i mean seriously it beats me when i go out and see young ladies who go out looking really ugly just because they think their faces are paint books. you shouldn’t have untweezed brows learn to draw your brows not with a ruler tho, consult a specialist (make up artist/cosmetologist) so they can enlighten you on make up. You must not go the whole 9 yards with make up, just know the basics.

                     This is my personal make up collection that i have accumulated over time

Invest in a good set of make up brushes, they always come in handy…i currently use the sedona lace and elf brushes, they are really nice and quite affordable.

They say money cannot buy love, but it can get you a real good lipstick. Mac lipsticks are the best to me, invest in some good lipstick that match your complexion. Don’t go with too loud colors especially if they don’t soot you.

                    Lip glosses also do the trick, my favorite brands are Nyx, elf, Mac et al

                  Eyeshadows and blush palettes, this are from the Sedona lace collection

Also a good moisturizer and face primer or oil control lotion (if you have oily skin) for your face 


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  1. Apparently we have similar tastes. Have u tried viktor and Rolf 'flower bomb'?it's amazing. 'hot couture' by givency too. Makeup gives me lifeeee too! Mascara's esp, loreal and maybelline are really affordable and nice. Try fossil for watches too!

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