Welcome to Lagos State, the most popular state in Africa, famous for birthing some of the most Talented people in the continent at large. Today’s talent focus is on Nigerian Muralist Cera Cerni.
Today, when you think of Graffiti’s or Street-art or Wall-art or Art in general, you barely think of it as a field of female interest but that is a far-fetched assumption, clearly! Today, the urban and  creative world of Art is not restricted to gender as you can see by this very commendable drawings from the Nigerian graffiti/wall-art expert Cera Cerni. It takes a lot of Talent, patience, commitment and a whole of skill to achieve this level of perfection. She is amazing and we have to give her all the accolades she duly deserves. See some of my top picks of her wall-art collection and the process as you scroll.

Talent at its finest! We have it all in Africa and its funny how we haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to the talent-pool in the continent.

Check out more of her amazing work here on her IG @ceraceni 



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