Black Panther Star Michael B. Jordan is the swoon-worthy, almost clad Black Man on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazines November Issue. Inside his feature, the Superstar talks about the on-going issue that is Racial Diversity and Inclusivity in Hollywood, his amazing career, his highly anticipated new movie Creed 2; produced by ‘the’ Ryan Coogler. The Men in Hollywood who inspire him like Denzel Washington (everyone looks up to Denzel), Will Smith and many more. Keep scrolling and see more of your favorite Award-winning villain Killmonger! #BlackBoyMagic

‘I want to advance the cultural aims of black people in Hollywood’ – Michael B. Jordan 
“I’m first and foremost a black man, for sure, but what I’m trying to do, and what I’m trying to represent and build, is universal.”
“We live in the times where everything is based around race. For me, it’s like, I get it, I understand. It just makes everything so loaded. When the way to do it is to Trojan-horse it, so then people look up, and say, ‘Oh wow, what happened? I didn’t even realize that.’ ”
 “They broke down those barriers for us, now it’s time for us to take what they did and take it to the next level.” on Will Smith and Denzel Washington
“Unity is so important, you can just pick up the phone and get in contact with somebody and have an idea, no ego: ‘What’s up? You guys wanna work together? Let’s do something together. ”

For his latest projects, Jordan is prepping a remake of one of his favorite movies, the classic heist picture The Thomas Crown Affair, which originally starred Steve McQueen, in 1968, and later Pierce Brosnan, in a 1999 remake. Producing and directing black-centric projects while starring in roles that have traditionally gone to white actors is part of the design.

Interview by Joe Hagan
Photography by Cass Bird 
Styled by Samira Nasr 

The Magazine is out in November. For the full online scoop head straight to the source and read it HERE 



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