Its not everyday we get to read headlines like this so when we do, we raise our hats and clink our glasses in celebration of the Black Excellent Wonder Woman that is Mareena Robinson Snowden (PhD). Amidst the fiasco’s of last month events, this beautiful lady who refuses to be identified or acknowledged as a genius, went on to make history as the first “black woman” to earn a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Nuclear Engineering. With a dissertation that focused on the development of radiation detectors for future nuclear arms control treaties, Mareena is the true definition of Black Girl Magic.

A native of Miami, Mareena studied at the Florida A&M University, where she earned a B.S. in physics. She is an activist and a firm supporter of historically black colleges and universities as an irreplaceable aspect of the Black American experience. You know!!!!
She is currently living in Washington, D.C. where she works on nuclear weapons modernization issues. According to Mareena, when she is not thinking about nukes, she is likely on the hunt in local DC thrift stores or kicking her own butt at the gym or binge-watching the latest series on Netflix with her best friend and husband Reggie Snowden.


Mareena took to her Instagram to share some words on her achievements;

First black woman to earn a PhD from MIT in Nuclear Engineering **insert praise break here* . No one can tell me God isn’t. Grateful is the best word I have to describe how I feel. Grateful for every part of this experience – highs and lows. Every person who supported me and those who didn’t. Grateful for a praying family, a husband who took on this challenge as his own, sisters who reminded me at every stage how powerful I am, friends who inspired me to fight harder. Grateful for the professors who fought for and against me. Every experience on this journey was necessary, and I’m better for it. . When they ask where the skilled black female technical minds are, know there are many – @joymariejohnson, @_sai_89, @rhondalenai, @being_niaja, @jtiaphd, @siangoan, April Gillens, @beyoncizzle, Tiera Fletcher, Ciara Sivels, Grey Batie, @tashaleeb, @special_kay868, Staci Brown, Njema Fraizer, @jedidahislerphd, Delonia Wiggins, Jami Valentine Miller and many more – who show up proudly in the fullness of their black womanhood and fight each day for our place in these fields. . I’m grateful to be in this number, and happy to have proved the principle in my own department. 👩🏽‍🎓👩🏾‍🔬⚛️

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Mareena and Reggie Snowden 

Her journey is STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) has been featured in Essence Magazine and in MARVEL’s The Unstoppable Wasp Comic #6 (see here). How amazing!!! You see its news like this that should really break the internet and get the culture celebrating.

Dear Mareena Robinson Snowden, thank you for putting in all the hard-work and for challenging yourself to be the best at what you want and are passionate about. You have distinguished yourself by making history and have still managed to be a huge part of the future, so with all admiration, celebration and love, i say Congratulations!

Credits; @mareenarobinson



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