wearing a nude lip gives you a totally natural and pale look, if won well, it redefines your make up look, tones it down and makes you look simple, classy and chic. Nude lips can go with totally any eye color, but preferably with darker, smoky or harsher eye color. don’t be afraid to experiment.

From pin-up looks, the cat eye or winged eye line as MUA’a call it has become an everyday make up look. Personally, i cant leave my house or do a look without winging that eye liner. it accentuates your eyes and makes them sultrier and just gives you that sexy cat look. You could make them short or long, smoky or dramatic which ever look your going for.


Well if you love Candy yum yum as much a love it, then you’ll understand why barbie always wore pink lips. Its absolutely feminine and gives you that hot girly sexy look. But, it is important you know your shades of pink as well as any other lipstick color. so you don’t come out looking weird or overly dramatic and loud. Its always preferable, to wear pink with a subtle look or smoky, bronzy look. Dont go all gaga.


No make up look would ever be complete without a pair of false lashes to make that eye make up pop. Also, most people don’t know how to apply or deal with falsies. Strip lashes to me, are a 100% percent must have for make up lovers, it gives you a dolly pretty look and just makes your eye admirable. Big lashes, long voluminous lashes any how you like your strip lashes go for it, but! less is better. least i forget it you are not comfortable with lashes oh please stick with mascara, get a good volumnizing mascara and it will do the trick.


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