This is good news, this is really good news! Not only do we get a new and improved Charlie’s Angel remake, we also get to see our favorite Oscar Award-winning, African-International export Lupita Nyong’o do justice to her role as one of Charlie’s Angels. We already know she can throw down a fight thanks to her role as Nakia in the record breaking Black Panther movie, so it would be fun to see her do this alongside Kristen Stewart (Twilight franchise) and British actress Naomi Scott who are both rumored to have been cast as her fellow lead actresses. Thank you Sony!

I also read that Destiny’s Child (Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle) might be coming together to produce and original soundtrack for the remake. After the success of their 2000 soundtrack Independent Women, it would be a mistake not to bring them back together for this. If this goes down (screaming), they better shoot a video for their song and revive Destiny’s Child for a minute (i know i am reaching). Did you watch their Coachella…sorry Beychella performance? Seeing them actually work together was mind-blowing and Sony needs to cash-in on that…if they can.

The original Charlie’s Angels ran for five seasons, from 1976 and 1981. While the 2000 movie remake and its subsequent 2003 sequel were huge box office successes, a 2011 TV series was cancelled due to poor ratings.

So we are excited about this reboot and cant wait for it to be released. It is scheduled to hit cinemas in mid-2019.



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