Its officially Summer 18, so you all must be thinking of what destination beach to hit up or making adequate summer travel plans (or not). Take a cue from South African babe Amanda Du-pont, who is giving us major dream destination envy with all her insta-hot shots. For the summer, the actress jetted-off to the Island of Veligandu; a beach resort and spa located in the Maldives!
The Maldives is one of the most beautiful tropical nations in the Indian ocean, famous for its clear blue skies, beautiful blue beaches and lagoons, water bungalows and extensive reefs. Sounds just perfect for some out-door living and for snorkeling!
Between the beautiful insta-worthy view, the sea-life and Amanda Du-pont’s enviable bikini body, this destination is definitely top of our travel list. See more images of the Island as you scroll and dont freeze when you see her. Dont freeze T’challa…dont freeze (lol)

Did you freeze? Such a beautiful view.

What do you think of the Isle of Veligandu? Does it make your Top Destinations List?




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