Yes you read it right! Lady gaga’s fake fingernail (imagine that) was auctioned.
The pop icon’s nail was auctioned for quite a sum *drum roll* 12,000 us dollars ($12000)—-for one nail!
The nail was bought by an enthusiastic fan of hers who am hoping uses the nail to scratch her throat until it brings out money. Lol, seriously that has to be an obsessed person or a die hard fan who just has excess to splurge.
Designed by Aya Fukada, the nail is black acrylic with intricate gold embellishments.
Lady gaga wore the nail at the launch of her fragrance ‘fame’ last year.
It was found by cleaners who cleaned after her performance that day (lucky them).

According to the auction listings, the buyer along side other memorabilia’s will receive a picture of the singer performing on stage with the missing nail in question. (Big hiss) lol i hope they can pawn the nails though.


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