So as we all know the beautiful Kim Kardashian is expecting her first child due in July with rapper kanye west. The starlet has been tweeting and blogging about her moods and cravings et al…She instagramed this picture of her and sister Khloe yesterday looking hot and smoky with a bun in her oven.

And ladies go how do they do it 🙁 looking so hot while pregnant i mean they always look so good. 
Well my beautiful ladies don’t beat yourself, she is not a mutant and is like every normal woman. This is just her keeping up appearances. 

Celebrities don’t have special blood is their veins, just try to stay healthy and do a little exercise once in a while. Healthy eating is key! Because you are preggers doesn’t mean you have to let loose, or because they say eat for two doesn’t mean you have to eat like you are in a suma eating contest. walks, aerobics for pregnant women, Yoga or Pilates and even swimming are a few exercises you can indulge in, have a dietician draw up a special diet plan for you and your baby and most importantly good  maternity clothes and you can look as good as Kim K when she in front of the camera that is 🙂

                                                                  Kim kardashian

see ladies Kim is not a mutant after all


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