Somethings are more inevitable than others. Saying Kim Kardashian was going to stay off social media or under the Radar for good was like saying a tortoise was going to live in its shell for ever lol, nope! It must come out and walk slow enough to be photographed for our viewing pleasures. Well, the queen of Social Media is officially back! All you Kardashian-fanatics can finally come out of life support and breathe 😁. For her First official Fashion appearance, Kim took to the Streets of LA to show off some New Year Distressed Style. See more of her look after the cut. 

We all can agree on one thing for sure. She looks as gorgeous as ever. Then again its Kim Kardashian, everything is perfectly orchestrated with her, including that blow out! I mean it was almost a cliche that Kim didnt wait till New Year to resurface, lets just be kind enough to acknowledge the fact that she was a victim of a horrid event last year so she indeed needed a break and also acknowledge the fact that the STREETS MISSED HER…But, her come back, totally predictable. If you missed my list of THINGS TO ANTICIPATE in 2017, check it right here. 

For her first 2017 outing, Kim sported some very distressed denim trousers, a Chrome Hearts Hoodie and some Perspex Yeezy Season 4 heels. So, apparently, distressed is still going to be a trend in 2017, Perspex is not about to leave the shelves and its always going to be Yeezy Season. Okay…noted!

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s OOTD, feeling it? 
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Ivy Marshall 


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