Reality Star and Social Media Maven Kim Kardashian is one of those few celebrities that clearly defines the term, “Your Net-worth is your Network”. Only in her case, you might want to add your “Social Media Numbers” to that equation. The Beauty and her famous family have totally redefined the world of social media fame and fortune and now, they are taking a leap into the world of beauty. She recently launched her own line of beauty products, which includes an easy-to-use Contour Kit and lipsticks from her collaboration with younger sister’s cosmetic line “Kylie Cosmetics”. 
Like all things Kardashian, expect fans to run for it. She made a whooping $14 million dollars in  2.5 Hours (2 hours 30 minutes). That is the Record to beat, if you are going after the Kardashian-Jenner Beauty Empire…phew! Fame must really feel good for the brunette beauty, then again, not everyone packs a loyal 101 million followers on Instagram. Lets talk more on this, keep reading…

Personally, i am not shocked at the success and speed of her sales record, she commands generations of beauty loyalists who would do anything to be in Kim Kardashians shoes, or in this case, to look like her, even if it meant just applying the $45 KKW lipstick or the contour kit. Then again, i was happy she was thoughtful enough to do a contour kit and not come after her sister, Kylie’s mega successful Lipstick business. Kylie made her mark this year by being the youngest person on the Forbes Wealthiest Celebrities in 2017, joining her sister and 98 other, more talented celebrities (grin). For Kylie, she can accredit her new spot on the map to her thriving business and social media fame. Its no wonder Kim has fast followed the young teenager in the world of cosmetic business and is already pouting to the bank.
Now back in the days, you needed to be the Founder or CEO of a well structured cosmetic company, say Estee Lauder or Bobbi Brown or Mary Kay Ash or even the organic Maestro Gabriel De Santino who built his million dollar company” Gabriel Cosmetics” from selling organic beauty products (All happened not in one day). These days, thanks to the Kardashian-Jenner’s, all you need is a social media army and a group of loyalist behind you to break bank in a couple of hours. So what do you think, have the Kardashians totally redefined the world of beauty with their looks, are they the new Standard requirements for beauty in women? Because in my opinion, everyone on social media is drawn to the Kardashians, and we know its not because of their mathematical skills or secret talents. Not to rule out the fact that every beauty guru i see on social media looks exactly like Kim, heck maybe its the contouring lol, if so, then that explains why they sold out in Hours. 
For her KKW Beauty Bash, which she held at her Bel-Air Mansion, Kim looked pretty in a white midi Vivienne Westwood number which she anchored with some sandals as she posed beside her mum/look-alike Kris Jenner. Kris is definitely not lacking in the beauty world, the 61-year old beauty was gorgeous in a nude Fendi longsleeve dress which she paired gorgeously with matching Azzedine Alaia pumps.

 KKW Beauty Contour sticks

KKW Liquid Lipsticks 

For her big launch, Kim surrounded herself with her friends and look-alike’s, which ranged from beauty guru, social media beauty/influencer’s and others. Other than her mama Kris Jenner, no other family member was spotted on the scene. 

Kim might be setting new standards in the world of beauty with her social media savviness and business skills, still, lets not all be carried away with her eureka moment. Things are quiet different out here in the real world. Success might not come as fast but it definitely will come if you approach it with the right and not the fast attitude. Kim Kardashian is a lovely lady and her fame is enticing but we should all stick our standards of reality and beauty and not get too carried away with the contouring. I will be getting my KKW Beauty Products so please leave your reviews and point us in the right direction with this beauty product. Lets know what the rush is all about. 
What are your thoughts? Lets hear…
Credits: KKW Beauty, Insstagram
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