When TV/Red Carpet Sweetheart Idia Aisien is not making drop-dead gorgeous Red Carpet appearances or heating up the gram with her sultry selfies, she is actually doing gratifying patriotic work. Today, she was on the scene at the INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) head-office in Abuja, Nigeria, attending and speaking at a Zonal Workshop aimed at encouraging women all across the globe to register and vote in the nations up-coming 2019 elections.
In crucial times like this, when the world is gradually tilting towards chaos and confusion and when human rights (especially those of women and children) are being silenced, trampled upon and taken for granted, it is imperative that we women, lend our causes, voices and our votes into doing something progressive like registering and voting for a much needed change.

Like Idia’s placard reads, Womens Vote Count! So does every other person in the nation. Go out, get your PVC’s (Permanent Voters Card) and vote for your preferred candidate. If we all want a better world for ourselves and for the young children who cannot speak or choose for themselves and for generations to come, we must first start by properly exercising our rights to be governed properly by voting for change. Not the kind of change that separates children from their parents at borders, or the kind of change that holds a democracy hostage, but the kind of change that actually values and respects human life and is ready to see the office of a leader, as that of an advocate for the people and everything just and good!

Ladies…fellow Nigerians, have you gotten your PVC’s?! If you haven’t, do so now. We are not Lazy youths, we are not too young to Run and most importantly our VOTES COUNT.



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