This years MET Gala Heavenly bodies; Fashion & The Catholic Imagination, could have easily gone south or become a snooze-fest but the celebrities actually did their research and brought forth some impressive fashion. Still, social media “Catholics” reacted angrily to the nights outfit choices and deemed it Religious Misappropriation. Let me be the 100th Fashion insider to tell you that the Vatican approved of the MET Gala’s theme, and even went as far as lending the MET Institute 50 outfits for this years exhibition. 
Now, if you watched the event  wondering about the fashion statements and the mystery behind some of the outfits choices from last nights event, wonder no more. Here is how some of your favorites got inspiration for their outfits. 

Thank God for creatives like Katy Perry who are never afraid to express themselves. The singer showed up inspired by Archangel Raphael the healer.


Rihanna co-hosted the event and her outfit choice was a no brainier. She came as the Pope of the MET Gala in Maison Margiela. Even though she got criticized for desecrating the Pope’s Mitre (headgear), She gets the best execution for the night because the detailing on that outfit, is out of this world!

Blake Lively’s heavily detailed oxblood-hued gown by Versace, was said to have contained an embedded message for her absent family and had taken a whooping 600 hours to customize. The inspiration behind it? The Infant Jesus of Prague
Kate Bosworth had one of the most angelic looks of the night in Oscar de la Renta and her look was inspired by none other than Mother Mary with child as painted by Artist Botticelli

Cara Delevinge’s see-through webbed Dior outfit, was said to have been inspired by the infamous Catholic confessional booth!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley channeled Madonna di San Sisto by Raphael Sanzio

The English Supermodels Ralph Lauren look for the night, was inspired by the Sistine Madonna oil painting by Italian artist Raphael Sanzio

Priyanka Chopra’s embellished Red Velvet look was said to be inspired by  Queen Isabelle de Castille.
Our Lady of Sorrow! 
Actress Lily Collins came ready! From her dark Gothic make up, to her rosary and her black Givenchy gown i say she nailed this look. One look at her and i feel gloom all over me.  
Singer Zendaya could have been anyone she wanted to be but she opted to be Joan of Arc! The french heroine who later became canonized as a catholic saint. Significant!
 The singer looked phenomenal in her custom Versace silver gown. Definitely one of the best looks for the night. 
She kept her fringe short and colored to fit her characters red hair. She gets an A+ for execution.
Zendaya wasn’t the only one feeling empowered or like Joan of Arc. Resurgent Actress Shaline Woodley also channeled her inner Joan in metallic silver Ralph Lauren mini dress and some boots. 
 Her hair might have been a little to samurai but one thing is for sure, Shailene can kick your behind! 
Darren Criss was inspired by the Duomo di Monreale, a cathedral in Palermo.
His hand-stitched sequined Alta Sartoria jacket is by Dolce & Gabbana and a replica of one of the Mosaics in the Italian Cathedral.

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t ever disappoint when it comes to events like this. She hit the MET Gala in custom Balmain, drawing inspiration from

Ariana Grande’s outfit for the MET’s was inspired by Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement Painting!
 She also paired her strapless Vera Wang number with a matching bow-tied veil. She looked really simple and classy!

 Our Lady of Sorrows (Church of Holy Cross in Salamanca, Spain)  by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey opted for custom Gucci to the MET Ball and as always, they nailed it or should i say pierced it!

Actress turned Producer Salma Hayek was also on the scene at the MET’s. She wore a custom gown inspired by the Garden of Eden!

Leave it to funny Actress Greta Gerwig to channel Bishop John Morosini, a male Bishop of the St. George Monastery.

Greta kept it simple and resplendent in The Row with some Tiffany & Co jewellery.

This year, the stars really did their research and played well by the theme of the event. Even though some of the celebrities were not inspired by Religious Art, their outfits were also right on the Nights theme and inspired religion. 

Chadwick Boseman’s outfit needs no deciphering, the cape is an indication of it being inspired by a catholic priest. He only just switched it up wakanda style by incorporating some shinny loubs.
T’challa wasn’t the only Minister on the Scene, Supermodel Taylor Hill took things up a notch by appearing as a cardinal in Diane Von Furstenberg.  
Olivia Munn’s gold chain mail H&M dress, made her the sexiest Roman soldier on the scene.  
With the looks on the Migos faces, i’m guessing they aimed for the three wise men…what do you think? 

The MET Gala is truly Fashion’s biggest night or as some would call it, The Oscars of Fashion! It was a huge success in terms of general outlook and impact. 
To see how the celebrities and guests in attendance responded and interpreted their outfit choices in line with the events theme is truly inspiring. Who had your favorite look? Lets hear…
Credits: Elle Magazine
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