Its no news that Africa as a continent is blessed with an abundance of Raw Materials, and beautiful hardworking people who everyday are learning and perfecting ways to exploit its natural gifts and turn them into useful products.

Leather is one the many useful resources the continent has in abundance, so its also no surprise that entrepreneurs and artisans from all over the continent have taken advantage of its long-standing availability and are in turn generating a ton of revenue from refining it into highly demanded items like garments, shoes, bags and other alluring products. I know i love my croc skin!!!

Nigerian Luxury leather brand Zashadu, popularly known for its perfectly hand-crafted mini leather totes; which at one glance will have you longing for every single one of them, has taking good advantage of the nations booming leather industry and has perfected refining it into the most unique hand-crafted designer bags.

The Zashadu brand, founded by Zainab Ashadu, is a one-of-a-kind type of brand in Nigeria, with some very captivating and unique statement leather pieces. The brand took to its social media recently to share a behind-the-scene video of some of the hand-crafting that goes into making a perfect Zashadu tote and believe me when i say that nothing screams sui generis (unique) more than an artisan at work.


Across the globe, we have seen International luxury brands continue to embrace more of hand-crafting with their products, in a bid to give it a more unique and an uncommon look. We saw Christian Dior take a different route with its famous ‘book tote’, hand-crafting it from sketch to a sophisticated finish (Watch Video below). Also for Italian luxury brand Ferragamo’s statement shoes, the house blends old-age craftsmanship with modern day technology.

In Africa, hand-crafting has always been the go-to way to produce items really. Today, on a larger and more marketable scale, production has gone from just being experimental designs to now being properly fabricated standard goods that can be worn and exported across the globe without falling short of required standards.
Modern day technology like what we see with most of the international luxury fashion houses are yet to be introduced into the scenes, but we appreciate stand-out and consistent brands like Zashadu and others, who are constantly pushing the envelop with their innovations and designs and are also embracing more local production and artisans within their locale.

Like i always say, the growth and development rate in the African fashion industry and basically almost every other industry has been beyond exponential. We continue to see more African brands take things to the next level and continuously push themselves in terms of creativity and production.
In the future, we can only hope for the very best in terms of exploitation of natural resources, production and more global recognition!!! See more fabulous Zashadu statement bags as you scroll.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is so much more amazing designs from the Zashadu brand. Check them all out HERE  and experience the magic of African leather (massive grin).

What are your thoughts on the leather industry in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Please i would love to hear them so feel free to leave your comments below. In the main time, PRESS PLAY and watch how french luxury house DIOR hand-crafted its famous BOOK tote.



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