Hey all! Happy New Year and welcome to 2017. May this New Year bring us favor and loads of blessings in all our individual endeavors. I wish you a wonderful day of celebration and all the love and happiness this new year has to offer. Even as we celebrate and bask in the glory of a new year, let us constantly be reminded by the things that matter the most to us in life…HAPPINESS! Being happy and influencing others around you with your happiness. Its the only true way to influence progress.

For Ivy Marshall, its definitely going to be a bigger and better year, and i am already stoked! So many great things to come and so much re-branding to be done, please do stick around and explore this amazing Journey with me. From Africa to the rest of the World, Ivy Marshall.com has so much to offer this coming year. Thank you for making my 2016 exhilarating and totally worth my half-sleeps and late nights. God bless you and have a great year!
Ivy Marshall 
photo credits: @peniel_enchill


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