For some of us, hitting the gym or cultivating a healthy and fit lifestyle still comes off as burdensome. You can eat all the vegies and drink a lot of water and mind your business – not to say drinking water or minding your business is not significant, but sadly you still never get that Summer body confidence. For Award-winning Actress and producer Somkele Idahlama, maintaining a good physique and cultivating a healthy lifestyle is habitual and is key to having a drop-dead bod even after having a kid. What are the actual secret’s to looking sexy like Somkele? Hitting the gym everyday even on off-days, eating small healthy portions and a doing lot of Yoga are top of the list. The Rewards…a banging A-list body like Somkele and an eternal glow (from feeling great) that no beauty brand can guarantee you. Healthy is Wealth and Beauty!

You know in this modern day and age, where the facade of keeping up with social media health and fitness has become a fad for most enthusiastic beginners trying to turn their physical and mental situations around, it is very important to find the most consistent, relatable and reliable motivator for your journey. Its never an easy start nor does it get easier as you go but once it becomes an everyday lifestyle, the results are beyond evident to all and it comes with joy the size of Kim Kardashians posterior.

who has off days like this? damn she is hot!

Are you heading back to the gym? You had better put your phone down and quit with the Summer 18 hashtags and get to work.



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