Once again, Giant Multinational Sport Company, Nike, takes its stand as the number one innovative Sport Company in the World. Launching its very own first ever made “Hijab” (Traditional Islamic Scarf) Collection for Female Muslim athletes all across the globe. It was about time someone thought of something ground-breaking in the new world of sports apparel. The “Hijab” Scarf, which conveniently suits the Muslim ladies in the world of sports, will be a ground breaking invention for the multinational Sports Company and will definitely put them miles ahead  in the business while once again promoting diversity. Go Nike! Just Do It!!!
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The Nike Franchise might be estimated to be worth 27 billion dollars, still, that doesn’t rule out the fact that the experts down there, understand what difference a comfortable and appropriate apparel can do for a athlete especially one as morally sensitive as this for Muslim Ladies. Before now, the Muslim female athletes in the business had to stick to using their conventional colored scarfs for covering so as to remain on the right side of their religion and believes. Nike first took its standby releasing an Arabic version of it Nike Club training app and now, the leading brand takes another stand with its latest invention, showing mutual respect for all its athletes most especially the Middle easterners and embracing their diversity with wide arms.

The “Pro-Hijab” as the brand calls it, will be tailored from a stretch mesh polyester fabric and will come in neutral tones. Costing around $35 a piece, i bet you the company will be raking up some outrageous numbers with the world’s ever growing population. Not to leave out the birth of the new “cool” athleisure fashion, which will ensure that even non-athletes get themselves the apparel to fit their everyday athleisure fashion.

The lightweight Hijab will officially hit the shelves in early 2018, so athletes and athleisure lovers should officially be excited to see the designs and happy that once again, Fashion and World peace is promoted and achieved thanks to Nike’s embrace for diversity. Until the Pro-Hijab’s hit the shelves, Just do it!!!

Photo Credits: Nike 
Models:  Figure skater Zahra Lari 
                                 Ibtihaj Muhammed 
                                 Manal Rostom and co.
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