Our favorite Big Brother Host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is taking some time off from his Nollywood on-screen duties and touring Europe alongside his beautiful wife. He hit the streets of Paris looking upscale in a stripe-tracksuit combo, which he paired with his favorite black fedora hat and most notably a pair of fancy Balenciaga sneakers. Nice right?! Dont forget the best accessory he has on, his traditional beads. Show me a real Ibo man and i’ll show you some beads, a hat or a walking stick! Igbokwenu!!!

Did i forget to point out that he is standing right in-front of one the famous “love-lock” bridges; you know the one were couples had their love sealed & shut tight with a padlock. Well as you can see, the padlocks have long being removed for safety reasons (the bridge was going to collapse).
Too bad, they should have known that just like the Titanic, that bridge was not going to hold and that their love will eventually end up in the bottom of the sea (straight face). on to better things…

His lavish sneakers are the Balenciaga Multi-material race runners, they cost a whooping $695 and you can get them right here.
Ebuka posing in front of the Arc de Triumphe (Triumphal Arc) 
The Uchendu’s (insert love smiley)


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And they lived happily ever after…The End!



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