The Cuppy Foundation! You have to give it up for Nigeria’s very own Florence Otedola aka Dj Cuppy aka the daughter of one of Nigeria’s wealthiest men Femi Otedola. When she is not making people happy through her love for music or promoting Africa through-out the continent and across the globe, she is doing major charity! Cuppy is a global ambassador so it is very befitting of her to take this bold step and launch her own charity foundation. Bravo!

For DJ Cuppy, Charity really began at home when she started visiting kids in displacement camps in Nigeria and across Africa and promoting education, which she thinks is the most powerful tool one can use in changing the world. She partners with charity foundations across Nigeria to help sends kids back to school by paying their much needed fees. Quiet encouraging!

DJ Cuppy is one of the Nations most prominent female DJ’s and socialites and it is mighty big of her to launch this foundation with the sole thought of helping others. You know its one thing to “think” of helping others and a whole other thing to actually go out of your way to Help others. For this we are entirely proud of CUPPY and i hope she gets all the much needed support to make her foundation a success and to change lives.

Go forth and save the world!

Credits: @cuppymusic @cuppyfoundation





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