My lovely soon-to-be brides, my one special advice to you is that during the whole pandemonium of wedding planning and preparations, while trying to get that wonderful dream/ fairytale wedding of yours, don’t forget to invest in A GOOD MAKE UP ARTIST.

I know its true, that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. But, unfortunately for you there are so many other eyes around at your wedding who wont see you as beautiful, if you show up to that dream wedding looking like a hot mess.

why its importantant to invest in a GOOD make up artist?
you want to look your prettiest, and of course get wow’s and uhh’s and be the center of attraction, its your special day.
you want your pictures to look really nice, make-up leaves you photo-ready and plus a good make up artist will hide those blemishes and scars and leave you almost perfect! when you look back on that day years later when motherhood has altered some features, you remember how pretty you where.

i keep stressing on the word GOOD because, hiring an amateur is as good as doing it yourself. A good make up artist will work with your skin and features, so you dont come out overly bronzed or ten times lighter than your complexion or your face doesnt start breaking after few hours.

Also remember work with your make up artist to get that radiant natural look, and not something that makes you look less you.
Note!  *straight face* make up artists are not cosmetic surgeons lol

Enjoy your special day xxx


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