In a world were social media Infuencers are fastly building billion-dollar businesses and brands, nothing is far-fetched or impossible. Across the globe, we’ve seen social media influencers like Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty and reality superstars like Kim Kardashian and her younger sister Kylie Jenner take on the Business of Beauty and achieve major success by using their social media influence to promote and propel sales globally. Nowadays, you dont have to be a beauty expert, a Makeup Artist or a Cosmetologist to drive a successful Beauty or Makeup brand to the top, so its no surprise that Nigerian OAP/Best selling Author/Fashionista Toke Makinwa is diving into the beauty business.

Toke is one of Africa’s most influential celebrities as of now, she has a healthy social media following and a loyal fan base who cant seem to get enough of her #Babygirllifestyle. She has also recorded a lot of success in the past with businesses promoted across her social media platforms. From her best selling book On Becoming” by Toke Makinwa, which she went on to promote across Africa and overseas,Β to her own eponymous collection of luxury bags to virtually every accessible brand promoted across her platform…she is the real deal influencer.

Although we still lack adequate information as to what exactly Toke might be launching, is it a body lava, is it an illuminator, is it just powder?! All we know for now, is that it is within the ramifications of a very glowy highlight product (since we are not assuming today).
These days, the glow is all ladies are living for and Toke is taking advantage of the incessant demand for highlight and launching her own gold shinny product and i cant wait to see!

Glow by TM…invest in your glow! Between Toke Makinwa and her famous Makeup artist Anita Adetoye of @anitabrows, they have created a demand for the glowy-nude ‘Toke Makinwa’ look amongst other celebrities and most especially brides across Africa. From glowing skin to luxurious glowing makeup products, everyone wants a face-beat like Toke.

Toke Makinwa make up by @anitabrows


You know when it comes to makeup manufacturing, especially with the amount of like-products and inferior imitations flooding the beauty market today, it is important to invest in a high quality finishing that will not only set you apart, but will land you positive appraisal and feedback’s from beauty experts and users.
People might not take this as seriously, but the whole process is a very delicate process because it involves products which have direct contact with our very delicate skin.
We are hopeful that Toke Makinwa’s lavish taste for everything fashion and beauty is reflected in her new products and that this becomes the start of something new in the African beauty world.

Her Glow by TM products officially launch on the 13th of August so fingers crossed.

Would the Sun be jealous?



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