What’s a Ghanaian Wedding without the colorful and luxurious Kente fabric, its like attending a Nigerian wedding without having the best Jollof rice in all of Africa…impossible! The deluxe fabric, once synonymous to the Asante Royal family of Ghana, has since become more accessible to all but still manages to maintain its lavishness and luxuriance and cultural sophistication, especially when it comes to weddings.
Ghanaian Us-based clothier Nancy Boateng took to her Instagram to share some of her amazing engagement pictures with her fiancee wearing some Kente and they are absolutely blissful. Check them out!


You know this are the timeless pre-wedding shot that you can show your kids in the future and still feel the love and feel proud, not those over-the-top melodramatic-pose shots that just break the internet for all the wrong reasons.
Congratulations to this African King and his beautiful Queen…we wish you all the best in your wedlock!

Credits: @bernandoll_ @ijohnsekyere 



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