Check out celebs and their no make up faces, you could pass them on the streets and never figure out.

 Kelly Clarkson without make up, what a bummer!
Is that Sofia Vergara, holly cow!
 Twilight sweetheart Kristen Stewart, not bad.

Jennifer Garner, no make up pic and she looks like a prison guard.
Jennifer Chastain, were art thou brows?
Pretty woman Julia Roberts pretty with or without make up
Kim kardashian, hmm that no make up face is freckled up
Fergie without make up, just looks pale
Nigerian-British actress Ashley Madweke, still is pretty without make up
Tori spelling, scary without make up!
Frieda Pinto well, other than those eye bags your good.
 J-law looks like Bugs bunny without make up lol 


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