The Super-talented Academy Award Nominated Actress, Gabourey Sidibe is no stranger when it comes to the big screen. The Senegalese-New York Native has the world buzzing with her bold new transformation. After undergoing a dramatic weight loss surgery, which left her looking more fabulous and more confident than ever before, Gaby says “For the first time, she loves her body now”. Well, i love how she feels and most importantly, how stunning she looks rocking her go-to Ankara Fashion inside her People Magazine Exclusive. When it comes to celebrating her African roots via Fashion, The before Gaby always gave us something to admire her for, confidently rocking those African Prints on and off the red carpet #ProudyAfrican. Gaby might be feeling good and way lighter than before, but she is still not hanging those prints in the closet, well obviously! Keep Scrolling and keep up with Gaby. See more of her new shots after the cut. Be Inspired!

After seeing how smoldering Gaby looks, i might be excited to catch the new season of Empire, where the 33-year-old actress stars along side A-listers like Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard and many more. Gaby might play a fun, non-judgmental assistant on the show, but it was her applauding performance in her break-though movie Precious that catapulted the ebony actress into the limelight and earned her a prestigious Oscar nomination among others and a spot in Hollywood. Now, After undergoing a laparoscopic bariatric surgery surgery (you should google that instead of trying to figure out what it means), Gaby is confidently strutting her way back into the scene’s. What to expect? Fingers crossed. Before undergoing the dramatic weight-loss surgery, Gaby suffered from depression, anxiety and bulimia not to leave-out the fact that she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes; talk about a reality check. Thankfully, all that is behind her now and she is taking matters into her healthy hands. Now to the more important matters, her FASHION!

When it comes to her Fashion, Gaby is no stranger to confidently rocking her fabulous African Ankara prints, which leaves me absolutely inspired seeing that i am proudly African! From her brightly colored dresses to her stand out prints, Gaby always stepped out in her prints looking appropriate and confident and i HOPE we see more of them on the starlet as she forges her journey ahead. Talking about journey, Gaby is documenting her experience and road to success in her yet to be released book, which is titled “Just my Face; Try not to Share”. Inside the book, she writes “I did not get this surgery to be beautiful. I did it so I can walk around comfortably in heels. I want to do a cartwheel. I want not to be in pain every time I walk up a flight of stairs.” 
“I know I’m beautiful in my current face and my current body. What I don’t know about is the next body,” she writes in her book. “I admit it, I hope to God I don’t get skinny. If I could lose enough to just be a little chubby, I’ll be over the moon! Will I still be beautiful then? S—. Probably. My beauty doesn’t come from a mirror. It never will.” 

Her book “Just my Face; Try not to Share” and will officially be released in May 2017, and i’m sure her fans and a lot of ladies across the globe (myself included) cant wait to divulge the contents of her already inspiring write-up. Gaby seems to be on the right path and i wish her all the best in her future endeavors. Salute!

Not everyone in the world shares my sense of humor. Thats how the world works. People are different. If we were all the same, we’d all be making out with one another all the time and would never get anything done – Gabourey Sidibe
For more scoop on Gaby and her book, get it right HERE
Credits: People, Instagram
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