In an era where Statement Make up has become surprisingly wearable, Nigerian, UK-based Make-up Artist Olubunmi Ogedengbe of Neon Velvet is one of the many social media beauty gurus to follow. Her unblemished high-definition looks, are all the Beauty Statement you’ll need to make heads turn and jaws drop. Especially now in the world of beauty were everyone appreciates a clean and flawless neutral or semi-nude look. You always want to look more flawless than fierce and not too overpowering with bright shades and color whilst remaining high-definition and photo-ready. See more of her amazing beauty looks after the cut. 

What do you think of her stunning and artistic looks? Flawless right. I love how wearable this looks are. Lets read your thoughts below. In the main time…
Credits: Instagram @Neonvelvet

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Ivy Marshall 


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