There is vain, which is having an overly high opinion of oneself or if we put it simply being stuck-up, and there is VANE the revolutionary beauty lacquer which was created by Nigerian Beauty Entrepreneur and Stylist to the Nollywood A-lister’s Veronica Odeka Ebie aka the Ultimate Vane girl!

When she is not behind some of the amazing looks we see on some of Nollywood’s leading ladies like Genevieve Nnaji or Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, she is the brain behind half of Lagos beauty savant’s perfectly polished mani-pedi’s.

I took a stroll through her Instagram (@veronicaodeka), and i must say it is as perfect as a freshly painted nail after the best Mani session ever. She has an amazing style, very effortless, very modern and very chic! I mean she styles Genevieve; the Queen of all this effortless so what do you expect. Check it out yourself…

PhotoCredits: @veronicaodeka 


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