The Super Eagles National Kit is still making rounds on the tabloids and is still the most talked about apparel in the on-going 2018 World Cup. While fans gear up in anticipation for the teams big first match against Croatia tomorrow, the Eagles are keeping us updated and entertained with some on-site pictures of them, showing off their National Kit Swag on the streets of Russia. Nike really did us a solid with this design.
Green is a universal color, it transcends ethnicity, gender, religion and generational class. Everybody loves green!

Everyone loves green so much the Nigerian Jersey sold-out in less than 24 hours of its release on June 11th (Read about it here). Speaking of selling-out, this rare family portrait of what seems like a really happy extended Caucasian family wearing the Nigerian Jersey, explains why most Nigerians like myself, couldn’t get my hands on the Jersey before it sold out. Who are they? and why does every single one of them have the “Naija Jersey”? What a great time to be Nigerian!

We have seen a lot of celebrities and co. style the Nigerian Jersey their own way, but Arsenal FC forward  Pierre-Emerick Emiliano François Aubameyang takes the crown for perfectly styling the Nigerian National kit effortlessly.

Aubameyang took to his Instagram to post this picture of him on an air-stair, wearing the complete off-duty kit. He actually looks too good to be supporting another team lol.
Aubameyang had being on the waiting list to get himself the colorful Nigerian jersey from its official launch day. He sucked-up to team-mate and the golden boy of the Nigerian Super Eagles Alexander Iwobi via twitter in a bid to get his hands on the Kit and from the looks of things, it pays to have friends in Super Eagle higher places.




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