Well maybe! A lot of people recently seem to be leaving their ebony roots and running over to the ivory side. Question i ask myself is, Are light skinned girls prettier than dark girls? No! They are just more attractive. Key word ‘attractive’ the complexion is glaring and hence they tend to be noticed more.
Ive seen a lot of light skinned girls, who walk into a room and immediately light up the room looking like dolls with their pink lips and all. But when they come close to you, that frown just comes up naturally and u start thinking ‘she ain’t all that’.
Im on the light side and the attractive thing works for me. But, i admire a lot of dark skinned girls because sometimes somethings are not pronounced on that brown glowy skin of theirs eg cellulites, freckles, crease lines, black spots.
And its not just that, being confident is among the things that makes a woman beautiful, your charisma, being poise, your swag *grin* YOUR BRAIN! So ladies trust me your colour is way down the ladder of wants.
More so, i feel black girls that go light this days are those suffering from insecurity and lack all this characteristics i just outlined. Beauty is an inner reflexion of outward grace.
No one should make you feel bad or think less of yourself because you are dark. 🙁 Do you think Sports Illustrated thought twice about Tyra Banks before they put her on the cover of their magazine. I don’t.
Ladies, please invest more on taking care of your skin and looking more beautiful and presentable instead of trying to damage it unknowingly because of eyes that wont suffer consequences with you in the end.

I know some pretty black girls, who are not turning white anytime soon shout out to you all…LOL

And so many other beautiful, black and proud girls. Not to forget our light skinned honeys who where born like this

And now look like this

No! To those that went from

Even our celebrities

Take it easy so you dont end like this


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  1. Very edutaining post. I love black skin and would not trade mine wif anytin in d world. The real beauties in d whole world are d blacks.

  2. My dear sister tell dem,low self esteem,b proud of who n what u are, don't fake it cos s not gonna pay in d long run!! Its a shame how girls are falling in2 satan's trap!! Ivy why didn't u use my pic among proudly black barbie!! Xoxo Lisa

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