Hollywood Actor Lance Gross and his beautiful wife Rebecca are expecting their second child together. The actor took to his Instagram to share some adorable family shots from his wife’s maternity shoot and i must say, they look pretty charming. What are your thoughts on Maternity shoots? You know they never used to be a thing and even when they became one, it wasn’t so mandatory. Nowadays, i feel like it is a compulsory process, that must be checked-off the “things to do before the baby arrives” list, right next to getting diapers and doctors appointments. It has become that serious.
I appreciate a good, fun maternity shoot at least for the sake of treasurable family moments  but i still cant wrap my head around the new trend that is #GenderReveal as in the party thrown to reveal what the sex of the baby is. I blame it all on Hollywood, they are stressing the world with their unending list of trends and the need to throw a party.

Anyway, before i turn you away from this precious family shots with my complaints (sigh), please enjoy!

Such a beautiful family right? Good luck to them.

Credits; Lance Gross (@lancegross)


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